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At The Lanasa Law Firm, we have handled hundreds of criminal cases. Call us today if you have been charged in Tallahassee, Wakulla, Gadsden, or Franklin County.

Results Matter

Hiring a lawyer to represent you in your criminal case is an important decision.  You may wish to consider a lawyer’s past results in deciding who is best fit to handle your case.  If you would like to learn more about the results achieved by Mr. Lanasa in past cases, that information is available to you upon request.  Please call our office at (850) 296-2047 to schedule a consultation or email us for more information.

Our Criminal Case Results

To view our recent case results, please read the following disclaimer and continue to the next page:

Disclaimer: The case results posted on this site have not been reviewed or approved by the Florida Bar. Not all case results are provided.  The case results below represent a small sampling of cases defended by The Lanasa Law Firm.  Past results are not necessarily an indication of any potential outcome of your case.  Case results vary as each case as facts and circumstances differ in each case. Each case must be evaluated and defended according to its own merits. 

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