Case Results:

Stand Your Ground Motion Granted; Aggravated Battery Dismissed

County: Leon

Case Number: 2015-CF-3508

Facts: The Defendant was charged with Aggravated Battery with Great Bodily Harm, a felony, after striking the alleged victim during an altercation.

Result: The Court dismissed the case against the Defendant after Mr. Lanasa successfully filed and argued a “Stand Your Ground” Motion. At hearing on the motion, evidence was presented demonstrating that the alleged victim was the aggressor in the altercation and the Defendant was justified in using force to defend himself.

Not Guilty on Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon and Improper Display of Firearm

County: Leon

Case Number: 2014-CF-2097

Facts: Multiple eye witnesses alleged that the Defendant fired an assault rifle at a group of people during a gang-related altercation before fleeing the scene. The Defendant was charged by warrant with Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon and Improper Exhibition of a Firearm.

Result: After a thorough investigation, Mr. Lanasa was able to present evidence that contradicted the State’s star witnesses. Mr. Lanasa represented the Defendant at trial. The Defendant was found NOT GUILTY on all charges by a unanimous verdict from the jury.

Possession Charges Dismissed…Twice

County: Leon

Case Number: 2014-CF-703

Facts: The Defendant was charged with felony possession after cocaine was located in his vehicle during a traffic stop.

Result: After a thorough investigation, Mr. Lanasa successfully persuaded the State to dismiss the charges. Mr. Lanasa met with the prosecution and presented evidence demonstrating that the arresting officer’s violated the Defendant’s Fourth Amendment under the United States Constitution. Mr. Lanasa’s investigation revealed irrefutable surveillance video showing that the officer falsified the arrest report to create probable cause to stop the Defendant. The State subsequently re-filed the same charges, despite knowledge of the officer’s misconduct.   The charges were dismissed again, this time by the Court, after Mr. Lanasa successfully argued a Motion to Dismiss.

Disclaimer: The case results posted on this site have not been reviewed or approved by the Florida Bar. Not all case results are provided.  The case results below represent a small sampling of cases defended by The Lanasa Law Firm.  Past results are not necessarily an indication of any potential outcome of your case.  Case results vary as each case as facts and circumstances differ in each case. Each case must be evaluated and defended according to its own merits. 

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