Resisting Officer Charge Dismissed

County: Franklin

Case Number: 2015-195MM

Facts: The Defendant was charged with resisting an officer after running on foot from police when the officer attempted to arrest the Defendant on an outstanding warrants.

Result: Mr. Lanasa successfully persuaded the State to dismiss the resisting charge after meeting with the prosecution and arguing a violation of the Defendant’s rights under the United States Constitution.

Felony Tampering with Evidence Charge Dismissed

County: Leon

Case Number: 2015-CF-542                       

Facts: The Defendant was arrested and charged with a felony after an officer witnessed him eating marijuana, in order to destroy evidence, during a traffic stop.

Result: After Mr. Lanasa met with the prosecution, the State was persuaded to dismiss the felony tampering charge. The Defendant faced up to five years in state prison on the felony charge. Instead, the case was resolved with a withhold of adjudication (meaning the Defendant was not convicted of the crime) to misdemeanor possession after negotiations with the State. The Defendant completed three months of county probation before probation was terminated early as part of the negotiated agreement.

Bank Fraud Charges Dismissed

County: Leon 

Case Number: 2011-CF-214 & 2011-CF-2207

Facts: The Defendant was charged with five (5) counts of bank fraud, six (6) counts of counterfeiting, two (2) counts of uttering, and two (2) counts of grand theft stemming from their involvement in a sophisticated bank fraud scheme.

Result: All bank fraud, counterfeiting, and uttering charges were dismissed by the State after Mr. Lanasa filed a Motion to Dismiss. If convicted as charged, the Defendant would be required to serve nearly three years in state prison. Instead, the case was resolved with a negotiated plea to the remaining grand theft charges with only four additional months in the county jail and probation.

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