Aggravated Battery Charge Dismissed by State

County: Wakulla

Case Number: 2014-140CF

Facts: The Defendant was charged with Aggravated Battery, a third degree felony, after striking the alleged victim with a weapon during an altercation.

Result: Mr. Lanasa successfully persuaded the State to dismiss the charge after meeting with the prosecution and securing an agreement to dismiss the charges upon providing proof that the Defendant attended a voluntary anger management course.

Leaving the Scene of Accident Charge Dismissed by State

County: Gadsden

Case Number: 2015-7456CT

Facts: The Defendant was charged with Leaving the Scene of an Accident after an officer alleged that they saw the Defendant back into a parked vehicle and leave the scene.

Result: The Court dismissed the charge after Mr. Lanasa successfully argued a Motion to Dismiss. Mr. Lanasa’s cross-examination of the officer demonstrated that the State was unable to meet their burden. The Judge dismissed the case. 

Plea Withdrawn and New Plea Entered Allowing Record to be Sealed

County: Leon

Case Number: 2005-CF-4006

Facts: The Defendant entered a plea of no contest nine (9) years earlier to the charge of Organized Scheme to Defraud, a felony. Shortly after the Defendant’s plea, the legislature enacted a law that prevented the Defendant from sealing the record of his charge. The Defendant was applying for employment and was having a hard time getting hired due to the felony charge showing up on his background check.

Result: Mr. Lanasa met with the prosecutor and secured the State’s agreement to withdraw the nine-year-old plea and enter a plea to the amended charge. A motion to withdraw was filed and the Defendant entered a plea to an amended charge of grand theft, which allowed the record to be sealed. The Defendant’s record no longer appears on public records and background searches (with limited exceptions).

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